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Adventure tours in Israel

Adventure lover, join us in designing a private car tours to include activities catering to more adventurous travelers that seek a different type of holiday. Combine action packed activities en route through Israel according to your preference – Israel adventure tours.

Go on an exciting ride in an open Ranger or ATV, which provides a safe and comfortable way of traveling through regions impassable to regular vehicles, visiting hidden gems that are inaccessible on regular tours.

Take a jeep Israel adventure tour through the rough terrains of the Negev Desert or mountainous areas in the Galilee and Golan Heights, and see the flora and fauna of Israel at close range.

Experience the incomparable thrill of flying a powered parachute for a bird’s eye view of the country for an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. This flying machine has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Bureau as the safest flying vehicle in the world, providing an amazing sensation of floating in the air.

Our Israel adventure tours also include white water rafting or canoeing on the Jordan River, a stunning and breathtaking experience; camel tours for a genuine nomadic experience, as well as horseback riding through the magnificent scenery of the Sea of Galilee and walking tours in the dry river beds and oases of the Negev wilderness.


Accomodation in Israel

Our company provides all types of accommodation in Israel ,including kibutz hotels- everywhere in Israel.


Deluxe, Five Star, Four Star and Tourist Class Hotels


• Israel’s hotels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and elsewhere in the country offer a wide variety of deluxe accommodation, ranging from such well known luxury hotels as the King David in Jerusalem to fabulous boutique hotels located in picturesque neighborhoods such as Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv and housed in unique renovated architectural buildings.

• A selection of lovely 4 star hotels provides comfort, accessibility and personalized service to their guests in cities and towns throughout the country.

• For a budget tour Israel’s tourist class (3 stars) hotels are functional and strategically located, offering guests comfortable accommodation and service with a smile.


Our recommended hotels:

Atlas Hotels  Fattal International Hotels & Resorts    


Kibbutz hotels and other guest houses


• Unique to Israel are the kibbutz hotels and guest houses, located in some of the most beautiful places in Israel, on the banks of rivers. Among lush, landscaped gardens, offering a wide range of activities and facilities, with well furnished and comfortable lodgings.


Country Lodging


• Israel’s advanced rural tourism comprises of thousands of guest rooms and cabins spread out all over the country, offering an unforgettable experience and a new way for learning about Israel. You can choose accommodation ranging from basic and comfortable to decadently luxurious, with a private Jacuzzi and swimming pool. All are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning and kitchenettes.


Youth Hostels


• Spread throughout the country, Israel’s youth hostels provide high standard and quality accommodation in pleasing surroundings, suitable for all ages, and at affordable prices for touring on a budget.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Tours

A Bat / Bar Mitzvah is a milestone in life and a truly joyous occasion for every Jewish family. The Bar Mitzvah age of 13 (12 for girls) is the age of becoming an adult in the sense of becoming accountable for one’s actions and of knowing the difference between right and wrong. According to Jewish custom, it also means that one is considered old enough to have certain rights and responsibilities, such as performing acts of charity and observing certain traditions and such as being morally and ethically accountable and as having binding legal rights.

It is customary to mark this once in a lifetime occasion with a memorable event for all family members. Combining this with a family tour to Israel to visit the Jewish homeland is an ideal and exceptional way to confirm and connect to one’s Jewish heritage and identity. Give your children something that they will carry with them forever, the pride of being Jewish and the joy of having found it in Israel. It just does not get any better than that! We at Gold Carpet Touring understand the deep significance of this special moment and our Israel bar mitzvah tours are designed for families seeking a uniquely meaningful experience for this important life cycle event, by combining the excitement of the Bat / Bar Mitzvah ceremony with the magical history of Israel.

Our professional staff will help you in making the Israel Bat / Bar Mitzvah family tour a most meaningful experience. We will design a special itinerary that includes sites and activities of special interest for young people, and coordinate a private Bat / Bar mitzvah service in Israel for the family at unique locations, such as the Western Wall or at the South Wall in Jerusalem, the old synagogue on Mt. Massada or an ancient synagogue or archeological site in the Galilee or the Golan heights. Mazal – Tov.


Client’s Testimonial:

“I once experienced this activity in the United States with a Jewish family, but never knew what it was until I got to see it again on my Israel bar mitzvah tour. I knew it was called the bar/bat mitzvah and that it was the ceremony of ‘coming of age’. As we got to Mount Massada, I was privileged to partake in the religious service. A young girl stepped out to perform this service, guided by the rabbi to read from the holy book called the Torah. It was an exciting and soul-lifting worship. I inquired why it was a child performing this activity as compared to adults that we had back in the US in regular religious services. My findings were really intriguing.

Both sexes male and female can perform these rites, for as long as they have been well tutored by a rabbi over a period of years. The young female child attains this position having reached the age of twelve, which of course is seen as the age of development for girls. At this point, I was told that girls, as well as boys, become responsible for their decisions and in some sort are treated like adults. This Jewish tradition has long been upholding and is often accompanied with some ceremony. My quest for more information made me ask for the activities that actually take place before the child is allowed to perform these services. He promised to give me a video clip showing such. I enjoyed wearing the skull cap or yarmulke during this service, it was humbling.

When handed over a video clip as promised, I watched this exciting party held for a young lad having become bar mitzvah at the age of 13. It was a bit confusing until the following day when the guide told me there was a show he wanted to me to see firsthand. I was excited as it had been fun all the way. When we arrived at this home, we were greeted by a rather soft-spoken elderly man, who took us in and we sat quietly on a mat. My guide whispered to me it was a bar mitzvah ceremony for his cousin. Now it was rather confusing because the clip I watched was a real funfair, whereas here I was sitting quietly on a mat lost in soul-lifting thought. Seeing my confused state he explained that there are various movements in Judaism such as the Conservatives, Orthodox, Reform, etc. He just wanted me to witness first hand another form of Bar Mitzvah ceremony.”

Sites you don’t want to miss on your trip to Nazareth

For many, Nazareth is a distant and mythical place, the childhood home of Jesus, a small and humble town where shepherds roam the fields and sheep graze – that is, if it still exists at all.

This fantastic city does indeed exist today, but – be prepared – it is very different to what you would imagine.

Nazareth is considered to be the largest city in northern Israel. Having more than 77,000 residents (70% Muslim and 30% Christian), it is known as the “Arab capital of Israel.” The city, built on the entire side of a mountain and the valley that winds beneath it, has steep and windy roads meandering through it. The sounds of Muslim mosques calling for prayer and church bells ring through the air. And, oddly enough, all live together in harmony.

Mount Precipice 

The best view of the modern city and its surroundings is from Mount Precipice, known for being the mountain from which the angry mob tried to throw Jesus after his bold proclamation in the Nazareth Synagogue (Luke 4:16–30). From high up the mountain (don’t worry, you can drive up part way and leisurely walk the rest), you can survey the whole city of Nazareth, the Valley of Jezreel with its farming fields, and Mount Tavor.

You can also explore the modern city! Visit the Shuk (“bazaar”) with its shops selling spices, Persian-style carpets, middle-eastern foods and desserts, and bargain for anything you can imagine. Or, for all you Christmas lovers, visit the extravagant Christmas market at Mary’s Well Square (open during December). Buy your nativity sets, lights, and ornaments, and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.


The View from Mount Precipice

The View from Mount Precipice



The Church of the Annunciation

Just laying eyes on the beautiful structure of the Church of the Annunciation is enough to move even an unbeliever to tears. 

Protected within its two stories is what is believed to be the remains of the childhood house of Saint Mary (also known as Miriam, the mother of Jesus), where the Angel Gabriel appeared to her and announced she would give birth to the Savior, Jesus.

Originally built in the mid-4th century by Emperor Constantine I, the church has since been conquered by many rulers. It was destroyed and rebuilt time after time until 1969, when it was completely demolished and redesigned by the Italian architect Giovanni Muzio, then built by an Israeli firm. It is now under the control of the Franciscans. Entry is free of charge, and visitors are welcome to pray and tour the impressive interior of the church.

Nazareth Village

The Nazareth Village is where the saying “being transported in time” almost takes on a literal meaning. If you’ve read the accounts of the ancient city of Nazareth and wished you could see what it was like – now you can.

Quietly tucked away from the busy city is a calm, open-air museum that re-enacts authentic village life during the time of Jesus. If it sounds wonderful, that’s because it is. Actors dressed in period costumes will play out “a day in the life of a Galilean,” showing visitors the farm, domestic life, and craftwork with ancient tools. You’ll tour through old stone and wood houses, eat a biblical-themed meal, walk through wine and olive presses, pet donkeys and sheep, and listen to the parables of Jesus explained in the context of the time.


Nazareth Village

Nazareth Village


With the help of one of our trusted guides, your day in Nazareth can be a perfect balance between modern and ancient, free and structured. We’ll take you to places that will soon become favorites that you want to share with everyone you know. Your biblical journey in the City of Nazareth is waiting for you!

Petra, Madaba, Mt.Nebo, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv.

After breakfast drive north to Madaba to visit the remains of the Byzantine church with its ancient mosaic floor map, the oldest surviving original cartographic depiction of the mosaic map of the Holy Land and Jerusalem. Continue to Mt.Nebo where Moses viewed the Promised Land, enjoy the view of Jericho, the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea, visit the ancient Byzantine church with its mosaic floor and then drive to the border and transfer back to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for overnight.

The Golan Height and the Sea of Galilee

Drive to the Golan Heights. Visit the former Syrian fortifications, and the Druze villages, Via Banias, source of the Jordan River to visit the Mount of Beatitudes. Visit the ruins of the ancient synagogue and Peter’s house at Capernaum. Visit Tabgha, where the miracle of the fish and bread took place. Continue to Tiberias for a short tour of the old center of Jewish learning. Return to the Kibbutz hotel for overnight.