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Accomodation in Israel

December 31, 2019

Our company provides all types of accommodation in Israel ,including kibutz hotels- everywhere in Israel.


Deluxe, Five Star, Four Star and Tourist Class Hotels


• Israel’s hotels in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and elsewhere in the country offer a wide variety of deluxe accommodation, ranging from such well known luxury hotels as the King David in Jerusalem to fabulous boutique hotels located in picturesque neighborhoods such as Neve Tzedek in Tel Aviv and housed in unique renovated architectural buildings.

• A selection of lovely 4 star hotels provides comfort, accessibility and personalized service to their guests in cities and towns throughout the country.

• For a budget tour Israel’s tourist class (3 stars) hotels are functional and strategically located, offering guests comfortable accommodation and service with a smile.


Our recommended hotels:

Atlas Hotels  Fattal International Hotels & Resorts    


Kibbutz hotels and other guest houses


• Unique to Israel are the kibbutz hotels and guest houses, located in some of the most beautiful places in Israel, on the banks of rivers. Among lush, landscaped gardens, offering a wide range of activities and facilities, with well furnished and comfortable lodgings.


Country Lodging


• Israel’s advanced rural tourism comprises of thousands of guest rooms and cabins spread out all over the country, offering an unforgettable experience and a new way for learning about Israel. You can choose accommodation ranging from basic and comfortable to decadently luxurious, with a private Jacuzzi and swimming pool. All are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning and kitchenettes.


Youth Hostels


• Spread throughout the country, Israel’s youth hostels provide high standard and quality accommodation in pleasing surroundings, suitable for all ages, and at affordable prices for touring on a budget.

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