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Must-See Sea of Galilee Christian Sites

More than 60% of tourists who visit Israel annually are Christians and it’s not hard to see why. Though Jerusalem is the perfect destination for those who would like to trace the steps of Jesus in the Holy Land, the Sea of Galilee Christian sites are considered a must see for all. You can’t talk about the ministry of Jesus without mentioning the Sea of Galilee.

Renowned for being the hub of the Galilee region, the sea’s importance came from its great location which serves as a trade route that linked Egypt with the northern empires. Not only that, but the sea is also a prime fishing location for all including the disciples of Jesus – Simon, Peter, Andrew, James, John and many more.

That’s why no pilgrimage to the Holy Land is complete without exploring some of the Christian sites in Israel. Most of the tours to the Sea of Galilee Christian sites focus on Biblical scenes that took place in the area, with the most notable being the story of Jesus walking on water.

1. Capernaum

Popularly known as the Town of Jesus, Capernaum is a popular Christian holy site in Israel. Of all the Sea of Galilee Christian sites, the ancient village of Capernaum tops the list. Why? Because it is home to several archaeological treasures waiting to be explored. Also, several ancient synagogues have been completely restored. The site is also home to House of St. Peter, a first-century house which once served as a meeting place for early Christians.

2. Mount of Beatitudes

The view from the top of this Christian holy site in Israel is spectacular. This is the place where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount. At the peak of the hill lies the octagonal shaped Church of the Beatitudes. Green and beautifully manicured garden descend to a small sitting area where you can relax, feel the cool breeze and take in the lovely scene of the lake right in front of you. No doubt, Mount of Beatitudes is an ideal spot to say a few words of prayers and just enjoy the stunning views.

3. Nof Ginosar

The Nof Ginosar “Jesus Boat” is one of the most popular Sea of Galilee Christian sites in Israel and a must see for all. The museum houses an ancient boat which dates back to the time of Jesus. Video presentation and photos give you insight on how the boat was discovered.

4. Gospel Trail/Jesus Trail

Hikers will find these two hiking trails – Jesus Trail and Gospel Trail – to be a stunner. The trails take you past several historical Christian sites in Israel including Tabgha, Cana and the Mount of Beatitudes. The footpaths and roads can be explored by foot, car, or bicycle.

5. Bethsaida

If you are familiar with the scriptures, then you’d know why Bethsaida made the list of must-see Christian holy sites in Israel. It is one of the few places where Jesus performed several miracles. Bethsaida is the birthplace of prominent disciples of Jesus such as Andrew, Peter, and Philip.