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The Best Places to See in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

February 26, 2020

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is the New York of the Middle East. A young and ever-growing city that refuses to sleep, the first to make way for innovative trends and new inventions – yet Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s pioneering foundation stands stronger than its iconic glass skyscrapers.

Stretching out along Israel’s Mediterranean coastline, it is the home to almost half a million citizens and receives more than two-and-a-half million visitors every year.

How could it not? The economic and technological center of the country, with fabulous sandy beaches, quality restaurants, and art galleries – it’s no surprise that Tel-Aviv-Jaffa is where you’ll want to be.


Old Jaffa

The Biblical city of Jaffa or, in Hebrew, Yafo was traditionally founded by Japheth (Noah’s son). Since then, it was conquered by many different rulers such as the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Mamluks, and British until it eventually came under Israeli rulership.

Walking its stone-arched, narrow alleyways or viewing the sea from the promenade and fisherman’s port, you can sense the echoes of history in every stone and salty breeze. Pass by the house traditionally known as Simon the Tanner’s, visit the church of St. Peter, explore archeological excavations dating from the early Canaanite period, and delight in the nostalgic atmosphere of the ancient, yet classy, Jaffa.


Jaffa Port

                                                                          Jaffa Port




The Jaffa Flea Market and Shenkin Street

Who doesn’t love shopping? Especially in a high-energy place like the Flea Market, where there is something for everyone. Shops are bursting at the seams with anything from decorative paintings to vintage clothing, hand-made and second-hand items, jewelry, Judaica, antique and designer furniture, Persian rugs, and souvenirs. If you ever get tired, you can stop at one of the many restaurants or coffee shops, enjoy a great meal and people watch.

If you’re more a one-street-one-track kind of shopper, Shenkin Street is another excellent option. It’s a mile-long street leading practically to the sea, lined with restaurants, cafés, and shops selling chic brand-name and second-hand clothing, perfumes, and shoes. It’s where the young and old and everyone in between mingle with affinity.


Shenkin Street

                                                                          Shenkin Street



Tel Aviv’s Independence Trail

When you come to Tel Aviv, you might spot a golden line embedded in a pavement lined with benches and shade-giving trees, and wonder what it’s for. This is the Trail of Independence, which takes you on a journey from the founding of Tel Aviv in 1909 to the establishment of Israel in 1948.

If you follow the golden trail, you’ll see the first homes in Tel Aviv, built on sand dunes, the Great Synagogue, the Haganah Museum, Herzliya Hebrew Gymnasium, the monument commemorating Tel Aviv’s founders, the Independence Hall, and more.

There’s no better way to get acquainted with the history of a city than to walk its streets and pause to enjoy its beauty.

There is so much to see and to do in this city of endless options – visit art galleries, feast your eyes on the Bauhaus architecture, or enjoy clean and sunny beaches, museums, pubs, and nightclubs. Join us on one of our tours and relish every ounce of youth and history the city has to offer. Tel Aviv never sleeps, and it’s waiting for you!


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