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The Top Three Most Amazing Views in Israel

March 15, 2020

We all love to look at pretty things. More often than not, we change positions and make decisions based on the view. We swap our table at a coffee shop so we can look out the window, ask for a different hotel room so we can see the city skyline, or sign a house contract based on our ideal balcony view.

The same goes for vacations. The reason we hop on a plane and travel thousands of miles is to see sights we’ve never seen before. Israel, from north to south, over the span of a nine-hour drive, is chock full of the most incredible views – everything from magnificent desert lands to vast, sparkling blue waters, to forest-covered mountains with wildflower slopes.

We think the best views are the ones you can see long after, when you close your eyes – like reaching the summit of a mountain to be greeted with a panoramic beauty that no photo can replicate.

These are just three of the most breathtaking views in Israel. 


Mount of Olives – Jerusalem of Gold

The Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem is 809 meters (2,654 ft) above sea level and has a view you don’t want to miss and won’t be able to forget. Here you’ll have a panoramic view of the sturdy walls of the Old City, standing proudly on top of the mountain opposite, alongside the shimmering gold dome of the Temple Mount and the steeples of the Old City churches. Stretched out on all sides, farther than the eye can see, is the modern city of Jerusalem, the buildings of which are all made of Jerusalem stone to keep a uniform look.

On the Mount of Olives itself are olive groves, houses, churches, and the largest Jewish cemetery, which is right below the viewing point and looks like a sea of white headstones. Many Jews buried there believe that the Messiah will come to the Mount of Olives to rule over Jerusalem and they will be the first to be resurrected.

Christians hold similar views, but, in contrast to religious Jews, they believe that the Messiah who will return is Jesus, who prayed on that very mountain in the Garden of Gethsemane before being arrested and crucified. 

Jerusalem is called ‘Jerusalem of Gold’ because the city looks golden as the light of the setting sun reflects off its stones. To catch the full effect of this, we recommend heading to the viewing point at golden hour, right before the sun sets. 


View from the Mt. of olives

View from the Mt. of olives


Masada – Magnificent Desert Beauty

Masada is a fortress built into a mountain towering high above the Dead Sea. Its plateau is 60m (196 ft.) above sea level – about 490m (1509 ft.) above the surface of the Dead Sea. 

On top of the mountain are the two palaces of Herod the Great and the place where a thousand Jews escaped the Roman army and took refuge, eventually choosing to take their own lives rather than be captured and enslaved by the Romans. 

Looking out from that fantastic viewpoint, you will truly feel on top of the world. The Dead Sea glistens in the distance, and beyond it is the never-ending mountain ridge of the country of Jordan. Surrounding you on every side is the vast, jagged desert and scattered palm trees bearing dates rich in flavor.

We recommend trekking up Masada before sunrise. There is truly nothing like getting up early, while the desert is still, hearing the distance sounds of the waking desert animals, and watching the first rays of light shine brilliantly over the mountains and fill the desert with warmth and life.


Dead Sea View

Dead Sea View


Hashalom Lookout – The Glory of the Galilee

Mitzpe Shalom, also known as the Peace Lookout, offers one of the southern Golan Heights’ most beautiful views. The whole coastline of the Sea of Galilee stretches out below. The waters are blue and calm, but seem older than time – it is there, the Bible says, that Jesus spent so much of his time in ministry, and there where he and Peter walked on the water.

Across the sea is the city of Tiberias, built from the shoreline up the side of a mountain to its very peak. At a distance, you can spot the city of Tzfat, Mount Hermon, the Galilee mountains, the peak of Mount Tavor, and the fields of the Jordan Valley.

You can also stop to enjoy the Bikta (‘Hut’), a Kosher meat restaurant that specializes in smoking and aging choice cuts of meat such as entrecote, sirloin, breast of veal, chicken, beef, and more. It also has an amazing salad bar offered free of charge to accompany any entrée you order.

If you feel like connecting with nature, consider taking a short nature hike down from the lookout promenade and rambling through the wildflowers to one of the springs that feed the Kinneret.

We recommend coming during springtime when the grass and yellow wildflowers are in full bloom: the birds chirp, and the crisp air and warm sun are a winning pair.

Israel has a collection of unique views, all of them spectacular, and our tours are designed to take you to these heart-stopping lookouts, giving you the experience you’ve been hoping for. We have a wide range of skilled guides who will unfold the stories of Israel’s landscapes, so pack your bags and prepare yourself for the best views Israel has to offer.


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