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Nazareth: A Place Where Ancient History Comes to Life

September 22, 2019

Many travelers to Israel firmly believe that every trip to this beautiful country in the Middle East should also include a tour of Nazareth. Perhaps, you may be wondering why? Well, you’re about to find out.

With more than 3000 years worth of biblical history, Nazareth is not only the home turf of Christ but also the largest Arab city in Israel. This is the place to experience firsthand all of the famous biblical stories about the birth of Jesus and the ancient way of life of people in this part of the country during the time of Jesus. With the array of things to do, you may not know where to start. But not to worry, Gold Carpet Touring features a wide range of private and group daily tour of Nazareth and its surroundings, suited to your budget.

However, despite its many cultural and historical landmarks, it’s quite sad to say Nazareth often gets overlooked by tourists. The fascinating fact is that each landmark has its own unique story. On getting to Nazareth, your tour guide will help you get started immediately. Here are some of the top spots to visit in Nazareth.

1. Basilica of the Annunciation

This is, without a doubt, the most prominent sight in Nazareth. It is also the largest church in the Middle East. The Basilica of the Annunciation holds immense significance for devout Christians. The building shelters the grotto – the exact site where Mary received the news from Angel Gabriel about the birth of her future son, Jesus.

Even if you aren’t a Christian, the magnificent architecture of this massive edifice, designed by renowned architect Giovanni Muzio, will keep you busy. The structure is intricately designed with lovely murals and beautiful mosaics from different countries practicing Catholicism.

2. Nazareth Village

Nazareth Village is the place where 1st City Galilean life is not only recreated but can also be witnessed firsthand. Here, you will find multi-talented actors adorned in historically costumes acting out the ancient way of life in Nazareth during the era of Jesus. The Vineyard terraces and the wine press are somewhat original but everything else found here has been recreated to give you a view of their way of life in times past. If you’d like to step back in time, Nazareth Village is indeed a place to see.

3. Mary’s Well

Mary’s Well, also known as Virgin Fountain, has a rich history on its own. Waters from the well is believed to have miraculous healing powers. This area is popular among local visitors and tourists alike, thanks to the many restaurants and cafes sited around the Well. The area gets even more crowded during Christmas, as it plays host to many fun filled events taking place in Nazareth at the time.

4. The White Mosque

One of the most interesting features about Nazareth is that the city, despites its deep roots in biblical history, is not dedicated solely to Christians and Jews. The city is home to a White Mosque, which has proximity to other prominent attractions including a Jewish Synagogue and the Greek Orthodox Church

If you’d like to watch famous biblical stories unfold under your watchful eyes, visit Nazareth with Gold Carpet Touring. You can book any of the recommended Nazareth tours or plan a customized trip to this bustling city. Once you arrive in Nazareth, you won’t regret coming!

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