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Must-See Spots on Your Trip to the Dead Sea

December 4, 2019

The Dead Sea is like no place you have ever been to. Not only is it the lowest place on earth, precisely 430 meters (1,412 ft.) below sea level, but also it is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water; in fact, it is 9.6 times saltier than the ocean. Located south of Jerusalem in the Judean desert and bordered by Israel to the west and Jordan to the east, the salty sea and its surroundings hold a lot more appeal than meets the eye.

After just a short drive, you can enjoy the unique sensation of floating effortlessly in the salty water, hike Ein Gedi’s rushing freshwater trails, and pay a visit to Masada – a rocky mountain fortress with a shocking and heroic story. Each place is unique and captivating, with raw beauty in every direction.

Ein Gedi – Nature’s Best

Just a short distance from Ein Bokek is the nature reserve of Ein Gedi. It offers more than nine different hiking tracks of various difficulty levels, so no one will be left out. On each new level of the mountain, you’ll discover a fresh, breathtaking desert view. You will walk through freshwater streams that have carved their way into the orange stone for thousands of years. Around every corner await pools at the bottom of gushing waterfalls (such as David’s waterfall) and lush greenery, and you can stop to cool down in the water and shade while you watch the elegant gazelles and hyraxes perched on the warm stones. 

It’s an absolute must-do for nature lovers, hikers, and those who want to enjoy beautiful views and the quiet of the wilderness.


Waterfall and Pool - Ein Gedi

Waterfall and Pool – Ein Gedi


Masada National Park – A Mountain Fortress 

Masada is a fortress built into a mountain, towering high above the Dead Sea. How high, you ask? Masada’s plateau is 60m (196 ft.) above sea level – about 490m (1,509 ft.) above the surface of the Dead Sea. You can either take the cable car to the peak, hike up the Snake Path from the eastern side, or take the Roman siege ramp on the western side.

If you are the adventurous type, you can hike the Masada at night before dawn and watch the sunrise over the mountains in glorious colors.

Upon arrival, you’ll see the remains of two palaces of Herod the Great and hear the dark, heroic story of a thousand Jews who escaped the Roman army and took refuge at the top of Masada, eventually choosing to take their own lives over being captured and enslaved by the Romans. 


Trail to Masada

Trail to Masada


The Dead Sea – Ein Bokek

Ein Bokek, on the shoreline of the Dead Sea, is a hotel and resort district. The shaded areas for swimmers on the free beaches, the shops, the restaurants, and, of course, an array of hotels will make your stay, whether short or long, easy and breezy. While walking on the pebbly beach, you’ll see the hardened salt-forming diamond-like crystals. Wading into the water, you’ll be surprised by the sensation of effortlessly floating, thanks to the lake’s salinity. 

People also choose to holiday at the Dead Sea because of the health benefits of the climate and environment, such as the low level of UV rays from the sun and the minerals in the water and the smooth, black mineral mud. After all that purifying salt and mud, you can rinse off in the outside showers and feel clean and refreshed from your day out in the wilderness. 


Ein Bokek - Luxury at the Dead Sea

Ein Bokek – Luxury at the Dead Sea


Ein Gedi, Masada, Ein Bokek and the Dead Sea, are pearls of the desert – ones you sure won’t want to miss while visiting Israel.

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