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Ein Gedi: Israel’s Magical Desert Oasis

September 23, 2019

Your Israel tour will be considered incomplete if you haven’t visited Ein Gedi. Nestled between the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea, this desert oasis is indeed a must visit. This magical oasis with a rich history which dates back over 5000 years attracts thousands of tourists annually, thanks to its biblical references

Whether you prefer a private tour or a group tour, a tour in Ein Gedi Israel offers visitors an eclectic mix of both ancient surroundings and modern tourism. With plenty of things to do and a rich history, a tour of this spectacular sight where water flows abundantly among lush forests should be added to your itinerary.

Things to See and Do in Ein Gedi

With the array of interesting activities and beautiful places to visit, knowing where to start can be a daunting task. Here are some of the most popular attractions in Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is without a doubt, the biggest oasis in Israel as it supplies water in some parts of the country. The park is home to two natural spring-fed streams, Nachal David and Nachal Arugot, both with abundant water flow all year round. Together with Shulamit Spring and EIn Gedi Spring, they can produce approximately 3 million cubic meters of water annually. Plus, Ein Gedi nature reserve offers great hiking opportunity so do not forget to pack your hiking shoes. The area’s natural beauty will leave you struck in awe.

Kibbutz Ein Gedi

Within close proximity to the nature reserve is Kibbutz Ein Gedi. Founded in 1953, the kibbutz features a beautiful botanical garden with various plants from different parts of the world. A stroll among the houses takes you into a world filled with spectacular plants and trees that call it home. Here you will also find the Ein Gedi Eco Park, a zoo and environmental education sector. If you have more vacation time, stay a couple of days and lodge in one of the beautiful Kibbutz guesthouses. Other alternative accommodation options include camping out on the shore of Ein Gedi Dead Sea or staying in a nearby field school.

Float in the Dead Sea

Another activity that you’d not like to miss on your Ein Gedi Israel tour is to try floating in the Dead Sea. No other place can match the awesomeness of the Ein Gedi Dead Sea. It is a spectacular sight. Here you could try out a black-mud body wrap during your tour. This relaxing activity will not only help rid your skin of infections and other anomalies but also keep you refreshed and rejuvenated.


Although there are only a few shopping malls in the area, shopaholics will find small outlets offering an array of locally made Dead Sea products. This comes in handy for those looking for an ideal gift item for loved ones back home.

Getting There

Getting to Ein Gedi is easy. It is about one hour drive from Jerusalem and 2 hours from Tel Aviv. For hikers, the Nahal David and Nahal Arugot trails are open every day of the week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm depending on the season.

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