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Eilat, St.Cathrine Monastery, Tel Aviv.

January 11, 2020

Moses travelled for 40 years with the Children of Israel through this astounding desert, receiving the Ten Commandments on the way. Nearly 2000 years later, a monastery was built around the Chapel of the Burning Bush at the foot of Mount Sinai and today still houses the art and icons which were protected from Islamic fury by a letter from the prophet Mohammed. Cross into the Sinai Desert just south of Eilat at Taba and pass by Pharaoh’s Island before driving through some of the most amazing desert scenery, Bedouin tents and villages. Arrive at the Monastery of Santa Katarina where you will see the monastery, the Burning Bush Chapel and the Well of Jethro at the foot of Mount Sinai, with explanations from your guide. Begin the trip back to Taba/Eilat stopping on the beach at Nuweiba for lunch (included). Cross the border back into Eilat and drive to Ramon Airport, Eilat for return flight to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv. Transfer from Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv to Tel Aviv hotel for overnight. Overnight in Tel Aviv.

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