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Custom-Made Private Tours In Israel

September 23, 2019

Amongst the many tour options available when planning a trip to Israel, consider opting
for tailor-made private tours. This package offers superior personalized service
designed with you in mind. It is a perfect option for small groups like families looking to
get the most of their Israel tours, shore excursion travelers with enough time to spare
and business travelers looking for an extra special tour.
Catch the essence of this beautiful country on one of the many Israel custom-made
tours. Experience fast and easy access to all the attractions, spend the nights in
comfortable accommodations, travel in comfortable tourist vehicles, enjoy a wide variety
of culinary experiences and enjoy unique activities and adventures. Discover rich history
and traditions that span centuries on Jewish heritage tours.
And as always, your custome-made private tours will be tailored to suit your taste and
lifestyle. Your holiday to the Holy Land will leave you with memories that will remain
etched in your heart for life.
Your tailor-made private Israel tour package gets you fast and easy park admission and
reserved restaurant seating. All custom-made private tours in Israel begin from a blank
slate. Experienced tour operators will prepare a trip that suits your lifestyle, operated by
an experienced and knowledgable driver-guide.

What to Expect

  • 100% flexibility
  • Excellent customer service
  • Professional VIP airport service to fast track and streamline arrival or departure at Ben Gurion Airport
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fleet of comfortable tourist vehicles with a seating capacity of 1 – 13 people
  • Experienced and knowledgeable private tour guides
  • Multi-lingual staffs

Private VIP Tours in Israel

Your time in the Holy Land is precious. It is therefore important that you get the most of
every minute spent here. Israel private tours are custom designed for your wishes. This
tour package is by far the best way to see what this beautiful country has to offer. The
best part is that you are always in the company of experienced and knowledgeable private tour guides in Israel who are passionate about what they do and will go the extra
mile to make sure you are satisfied.

Helicopter Luxury Israel Tours

See Israel from a unique perspective with the private helicopter tours in Israel. Discover
the enthralling beauty of the Holy Land from the skies. Nothing beats this experience.
Whether you want to charter a helicopter to explore the Holy Land from above or you’d
like to dine in one of the finest restaurants in Jerusalem, consider taking scenic
helicopter VIP tours in Israel. Your safety and security is guaranteed. This is the best
way to catch stunning views of Jerusalem, the Dead SeaMassada fortress with its
impressive history, Nazareth just to name a few.
Traveling alone or in a group? Don’t miss the experience of a lifetime when you book
custom made private tours. And just as the name suggests, all tailor-made private tours
are customized to your specific needs and requirements. Choose your tour and book
your visit today!

Join our tours for a once in a lifetime experience!