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Caesarea, a popular touring site in Israel

September 23, 2019

Israel’s northern coast is home to ancient ruins, magnificent beaches, and small picturesque caves. This makes the region a major draw for visitors planning their next trip to Israel. However, your trip to this stunning region will be considered incomplete without booking a day tour with Gold Carpet Touring to explore one of the regional highlights – Caesarea, an ancient Roman provincial capital dedicated to Caesar Augustus. Originally built by King Herod the Great, Caesarea is the grandest city in the region.

A trip to Caesarea will take you to a world filled with stunning beaches, archaeological ruins, and an ancient Roman theatre. The archaeological remains in Caesarea Israel which date back many time periods will leave you spellbound.

What to Do in Caesarea

Caesarea has recently been restored to make it more appealing to visitors. The Old City features an extensive list of boutiques and restaurants, while the newly restored Caesarea amphitheater plays host to live performances and events in the city, especially during summer months.

Not only that, the town has its own fair share of lovely villas as well. Caesarea can be a difficult place to explore without a car unless of course, you opt for the most popular Caesarea tours led by experienced local guide at Gold Carpet Touring. Check out some of the things to do in Caesarea.

Caesarea National Park

Caesarea National Park is, without a doubt, the most impressive archaeological site in Israel. Located at the Roman theater entrance, Caesarea National Park is a year-round tourist site.

Within the park is the well preserved Caesarea Amphitheater, which has a seating capacity of 15,000 people in its heydays. Nonetheless, the amphitheater remains in use today, hosting concerts and live performances in the summer graced by A-list individuals. The site is an engineering marvel, featuring architectural elements carved from different materials. The on-site museum is a great place to learn more about the history of the port. That’s not all, Caesarea National Park has a one of its kind underwater archeological park that takes you through the underwater ruins of this city.

Aquaduct Beach

Aquaduct Beach is a place to cool off and escape the scorching heat of summer sun. Unfortunately, swimming is not allowed here. Despite this, the beach attracts a good number of visitors on summer weekends. This Caesarea beach is a place to immerse yourself in the rural surrounding and fascinating archaeological feature.

Ralli Museum

Art lovers and history buffs will love the collections at Ralli museum. The museum features an extensive collection of artworks done by Latin American and Sephardic Jewish artists. Access to the museum is free for all, and the pieces on display are a delight to see.

The beauty of booking a day trip to Caesarea with Gold Carpet Touring is that the logistics of your trip are well catered for. You don’t have to stand in lines on getting to the sites – get treated like royalty. And when it comes to planning Caesarea tours, you can trust their professional, knowledgeable local guides to provide you with an ultimate travel experience.

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