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Biblical Cities – Jericho and Bethlehem

February 15, 2020

Drive east through the Wilderness of Judea, view of the Bedouin settlements along the road, passing the Inn of the Good Samaritan going down below sea level to the Syrian African rift which borders the land of Israel on the east. Continue to the city of Jericho, see the Sycamore tree mentioned in the new testament, stop at the biblical site of Jericho, climb the archaeological site where archaeologists uncovered leyers of ancient civilazations. View of Mt.of Temptaion from a distance.

Proceed to the city of Bethlehem located in the Judean hills south of Jerusalem, passing Rachel’s tomb on the way, we arrive in the center of Bethlehem, visit the Manger square,  the Church of Nativity situated on the traditional site of Christ’s birthplace, see the Grotto of Nativity where a silver star marks the the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Walk to the nearby Milk Grotto where according the tradition the virgin Mary nursed Jesus the baby and a drop of milk turned the local rock white.

Drive to the Shepherds field located east of Bethlehem, visit the local Church.

On our way back we make a stop at a souvenirs shop.

Return to hotel ending till 18:00.

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