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Artist Colonies in Israel

May 21, 2020

A wonderful way of seeing Israel is through its art and artists. Throughout the ages, the country has been the subject of countless artistic impressions and home to many artists and artisans.

Modern day Israel boasts several artist enclaves – the most renowned of which are the Safed artists’ quarter, the Jaffa artists’ colony, the Jerusalem Hutzot Hayotzer artists center and the Ein Hod artists village, each unique in structure, location and character.

Safed is one of the oldest towns in Israel, dating back even to biblical times. Its picturesque ancient alleyways, high altitude and breathtaking views, as well as its mystical ambiance as the Kabbalah city, make it an interesting and unique destination. The artists’ quarter is located in the old city, which also houses many ancient synagogues, and the many art and craft works on display and for sale, contribute to making it a one of a kind destination in the Upper Galilee.


The artists' quarter of Safed

The artists’ quarter of Safed”


The Jaffa artist’s colony is housed in the renovated ancient city, adjacent to the Jaffa port. Jaffa also dates back to biblical times, and was once the main port of entry to Israel. Meandering through its winding alleyways that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, you pass by countless galleries, works of art, restaurants and shops, giving a sense of old and new living together in harmony.


Jaffa - The old port

Jaffa – The old port


Hutzot Hayotzer artists’ center in Jerusalem is housed in renovated buildings that were left derelict in the no-mans-land region near the Old City of Jerusalem, from1948 to 1967. Designated as studios and workshops for artists and artisans, there is an annual arts and crafts festival held there for 2 weeks during the summer. The festival, which has gained renown and momentum over the years, hosts hundreds of artists, including some from abroad.


The Artists Center in Hutzot Hayotzer

The Artists Center in Hutzot Hayotzer


The Ein Hod artists’ village is unique in that all of the residents are artists from all fields of art – painting, sculpting, pottery, glass, dance, music and more.

Ein Hod - Art on the street

Ein Hod – Art on the street

Situated on the Carmel Mountain range, near to the town of Atlit, is has been a small settlement since Crusader times, and there is even evidence of prehistoric dwellings in the region. Today’s village occupies the site of the Arab settlement that was evacuated during the War of Independence, and it is home to the famous Janco Dada art museum. Almost all the artists have studios and galleries open to the public, offering tours and workshops for whoever is interested.


The Central Gallery in Ein Hod

The Central Gallery in Ein Hod


Whether you are an avid art lover or not, seeing Israel through the eyes of its artists is an amazing way to visit the country. We will be happy to take you on this fabulous journey.

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