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5 Churches in Israel to Visit

September 23, 2019

Israel boasts many beautiful and historic churches of various denominations that are scattered all over the country. If you’re visiting the country, Gold Carpet Touring recommends visiting these significant Holy Land pilgrimage attractions. These religious sites with unique architectural beauty play a significant role in the Christian world today.

1. Church of All Nations

Location: Jerusalem, Mount of Olives

Located in the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, the Church of All nation is a Catholic church which has proximity to the Garden of Gethsemane, the place where Jesus prayed prior to his arrest. The magnificent architectural beauty of the building is great for photography. So if you’re looking for that killer shot to post on your social media, find your way to Church of all nations.

2. Church of the Nativity

Location: Bethlehem

This is unarguably the world’s oldest complete church dating back to the 6th century. The site houses top attractions which include the Grotto of the Nativity and the Church of St. Catherine. Proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Church of the Nativity is built over the cave venerated as the birthplace of Jesus. If you’d like to explore a religious site so steep in history, visit this basilica.

3. Church of the Annunciation

Location GalileeNazareth

This is a popular church located in the Galilee region. Perhaps, you’d like to explore where Mary, the mother of Christ once lived and received the news from archangel Gabriel that she would conceive and deliver of a baby boy who would be the savior of the world. The appearance of archangel Gabriel and Mary’s consent is what is known today as Annunciation. This ground has been home to several earlier churches including the Byzantine church, a Crusader church, Franciscan church and now the present church which was built in 1969. No trip to the Holy Land will be completed without visiting this attraction. Explore the remains of Mary’s home and marvel and the architectural exuberance of the church.

4. Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Location: Jerusalem, Old City

And when it comes to pilgrimage tours to Israel, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is top on the list. Located in the Christian Quarter in Old Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is believed to be the traditional site of the crucifixion of Jesus, otherwise known as Calvary of Golgotha. Also, the church gained prominence for being the site where Christ was buried and resurrected. A decade after the crucifixion, a wall was built around it.

More so, the church is reputed for being the world’s holiest Christian site. Even though the church has been renovated severally, the architectural masterpiece is astonishing.

5. Church of the Beatitudes

Location: Galilee, Tabgha

The Church of the Beatitudes is the site where Christ delivered the Sermon of the Mount. Built in the early 20th century, the church sits right next to the remains of a 4th-century church. This is by far a popular attraction amongst tourists. Just within 3 km away from the Church of the Beatitudes is Capernaum, the town where Jesus ministered and lived. This is also where Jesus uttered some words in the bible. These phrases include Blesses are the peacemakers, for they are the children of God’ and Blessed are the Meek for they shall inherit the earth.

These historical sites are best explored in the company of a local guide. Many of these religious sites attract millions of visitors annually, especially during peak periods. They are indeed a must-visit for all.

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